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Investigation of relationship between computer games and sleep habits in 10-12 years old Elementary School Boys in Ahvaz

Forough Riahi1, Ashraf Tashakori1, Effat Amouzadeh2*

Department of Medicine, Student Research Committee, Ahvaz Jundishapour University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran


Sleeping disorders are one of the most dangerous disorders and its treatment is also expensive. Considering children and adolescents’ conditions nowadays and improvements in technology, attention to sleep hygiene is vital. In this study, we aimed to measure computer games’ influences on sleeping habits of boys in elementary schools in Ahwaz. This cross- sectional study was conducted on 150 male students of elementary school age. Demographic and Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire was given to students’ parents to get completed. Data analyses was done using SPSS software and we used mean and standard deviation to report descriptive data and also used regression analyses to report analytical results. Sleeping habits in children were related with mother’s age and also the time in the day that they played computer games. (P value= 0.02 and p value= 0.019 respectively) Sleeping disorder was also studied and it was related with students’ races (p value= 0.001). According to our study, it seems that there is a relationship between sleep habits and the age of a student’s mother. And there is also a relationship found between sleeping habits and the time of the day that the students play computer games. Sleeping disorders were only related with students’ races.


Sleeping habits, sleep disorders, computer games Elementary school boys.

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