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Ibrahim Alali*, Mhd Nezar Alsharif ,Sleiman Khalil, Zaynab Alourfi

Ibrahim Alali,
Endocrinology department,
Damascus University.Damascus,   Syrian Arab Republic


We present a case of a 45 years old woman who presented with a complaint of progressive obesity, hirsutism, easy bruisability, muscle weakness, episodes of hot flashes and diaphoresis and was diagnosed with ectopic Cushing syndrome secondary to neuroendocrine tumor (lung carcinoid). We summarized diagnostic methods and the difference between Cushing and ectopic Cushing. We also discussed a very rare case of PTH (parathyroid hormone) secretion from this tumor (lung carcinoid).


Cushing syndrome, Endocrinology, Carcinoid tumors, exogenous cortisol exposure, PTH secretion>>

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