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Saifi Zoya, Kulkarni Parag A*

SVKM’s, NMIMS, School of Pharmacy and Technology Management, Shirpur. Maharashtra. India


The term Gene Pharming is a technology to modify the DNA of animals or plants, this modified gene is called as transgene and this transgene is very useful to produce proteins of medicinal value. This article includes new technologies of genetic engineering, which help in producing various proteins for pharmaceutical use. The transgenic animal spider and goat are used to produce a type of protein from spider silk in goat milk, which can replace synthetic fibers. Surgical threads, bandages and even artificial ligament can also be made by the help of these spider silk fibers. Spider goat are the goats which consist of spider genes and they lactate silk of spiders in their milk. Adam Rutherford modified the goat genetically in a farm which is located at the Utah State University and those goats produce ample amount of silk of spider in their milk, it constitute as one of the strongest substances which are known to man.


Gene Pharming, Genetic Engineering, Transgenic Animal, Surgical Threads, Spider Silk Fibers.

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