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Bhaumik Thakar 1*, Dr. Alka Agarwal 2, Dr. Rakesh M Rawal 3

Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University, Pacific Hills, Pratapnagar, Debari, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


Due to the widespread esteem and deliberate supremacy of modern medicine in today’s swift society, till date natural medicine has been criticized for being backwards and unreliable. But the truth is that in name of ease, our swift society has gifted us many life threatening diseases like cancer. Apart from the western medicines, use of natural remedies is making its own way now days just because of its less side effect and prominent pharmacological properties. Even though many research works is done for traditional Indian spice and foods, we need to emphasize this field with systemic approach of research. In this article a small effort is made to catalog the Indian spices and food as cancer remedies. However it is not possible to wrap all the Indian spices in one single pack of article, we have selected a few of them and indexed theirs till days research work on their anti-cancer chattels.


Indian Spices, Anti-Cancer, Natural Remedies, Indian Food, Modern Medicines

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